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Because it’s okay to be you

I’ve been trying to do this thing recently. This thing called living mindfully. Mindfulness has been something of a hot topic in recent months. It’s a phrase bandied about, often enough to make most of us feel like we’re doing it already. I mean who hasn’t bought the colouring books and pens so helpfully displayed right next […]

On being hacked, and fighting back

Dearest Friends, I am writing this post today, with a heavy heart. As many of you will already know, over the weekend our Instagram account was hacked. I was out at the time, with Vegan Paul, having a day off and so when I saw a text pop up from my sister saying ‘Don’t panic, […]

The Things I’ve Never Shown Anyone

Hello, dearest friends, I wanted to write this while all of the emotions are still on the surface. ALL of the emotions. Because there is so much I want to say, and so much gratitude that I want to express. I’m not sure if there are even words for the depth of the emotion that […]