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Well, Hello There!

Our Story

Our Story… (So Far) I bent down to say hello to the little man who would become pivotal to my world, and was greeted with a wet lick and gentle nip on the nose. And this; the start of the love story that reignited my entire world.

When Caitie met Soda was born in May 2014, when Paul (known affectionately as Vegan Paul, Paulina Ballerina and the boy) and I (Caitie) adopted Soda, a then one-year-old Staffordshire-Bullterrier. At the time, I had just left a post-graduate course at university due to unexpectedly becoming ill. Having not left our small flat in East Sussex for weeks, or even our bed for that matter, Soda gave me a reason to get out of bed in the morning, and, in doing so, inadvertently gave me back my light. read more…

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    Introducing the lovingly handmade 'Comet Catcher' pendant.
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    Introducing the Callisto stud earrings - the perfect celestial touch t...
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    Introducing the lovingly handmade 'Infinite Hope' pendant. A delica...
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  • Callisto
    Introducing the individually and lovingly hand-crafted Callisto ring.
  • The Little Comet Pendant
    When Caitie met Soda is thrilled to introduce the Little Comet pendant...
  • The Journey of You
    Introducing the Journey of You, a beautifully delicate 925 sterling ...

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  • Beautiful friends,

    Due to unforeseen circumstances regarding my health, I have decided to take a little break from orders. I am aiming to reopen the shop for orders in September. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    I will be back as soon as I can, but, in the meantime, I’d love it if you stayed in touch with me over on the blog and Instagram, where I have lots of new and exciting content that I will be sharing!

    Thank you so much for your understanding and unfaltering support.

    All of my love, always,

    Caitie, and, of course, Soda (and Maddie, too!)