Last week, I was lucky enough to have a little break in Lisbon. As is always the case, when I’m with my favourite people, it was perfect.

Ph. @ David Murray

We walked, we talked, laughed so hard I’m confident at least one of us peed a little… (I won’t name any names… Okay, okay, it was probably most definitely me!) There were tears at times, but, mainly, we just were. We existed in that moment; the four of us; and we were like children again.

Ph. @ Paul Barker

I found Lisbon mesmerising – it really wasn’t like any city I’ve ever been to before. What stood out most about it, to me, was the abundance of colour all around us. From the beautiful tiled buildings, to the electric collections of washing hung from balconies, to tiny electric Tuk-Tuks and graffiti, to the castles in Sintra, Lisbon was an explosion of colour. Oh, and the custard tarts! If you haven’t had one of these yet, you need to. It will change your life. Unless of course you don’t like custard, or have a dairy allergy. In which case, definitely don’t. I’ll describe them to you in detail instead (just kidding…!)

Taking time out, whether that be for a ten-minute coffee break; a walk with your dog (Soda recommends this as his preferred form of break, and thinks it should be yours, too! He’s a bossy little dog, this one…); or, a weekend away, is so important. I think that so many of us forget that we need breaks, perhaps because we live in a world where productivity is the word du-jour. Making money, and being so busy you burn yourself out are seen as markers of success. And that makes it hard to feel like you deserve a break. And not only deserve it, but need it. But, we do. We need breaks, changes of scenery, moments where we feel truly present, in order to be the best, healthiest versions of ourselves. We all need to make time to step out of our heads, and appreciate that vast beauty of the world outside of ourselves, outside of our jobs, our responsibilities.

Take time out for yourself. Time to breathe. And just, be.

Obrigado, Lisboa. You are beautiful. We’ll be back.

With all of our love, always,

Caitie, and, of course, Soda xxx