Caitie and Soda at Home

For there is Beauty in the Stillness

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Finding a place to start amid a universe of chaos and a world literally in lock-down isn’t an easy thing. As I sit here, doing my weekly infusions (the treatment that I am privileged enough to receive to treat Common Variable Immunodeficiency; the health condition that I suffer with) and typing, my mind feels boggled […]


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Sometimes, when absolutely nothing feels right, something comes along to show you that it’s actually been right all along. And that something was crawling into our bed in our beautiful Dimpsey Shepherds Hut in the beautiful Blackdown Hills this weekend. After an evening of sitting and talking – part of which was spent in the […]

On never belonging

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Dear Friends, It’s been a while, I know. I feel like I’ve been trying for so long to put pen to paper but the words never came. And then suddenly, they did. I hope you’ll forgive me the winding and rambling nature of this post and more than anything I hope it will resonate with […]

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