Off the Bench

You are Enough

By | July 28th, 2017|Caitie Loves, Living Creatively, New Arrivals, Off the Bench|

You've always compared yourself to other people, haven't you? I mean, you're the first person to tell others that 'comparison is the thief of joy'; but, you don't follow that advice, do you? You look around you, at the people that you think are prettier, thinner, successful, in love, happy. But you don't look at yourself; not really anyway. Because you're [...]

Finding my way home

By | June 6th, 2017|Lifestyle, Living Creatively, Off the Bench|

This week, I found my way home. I moved into my very first, and very own studio. It's been a long time coming, but, it has been so worth the wait. To my people: you got me here. You held me up when I couldn't stand on my own. You've been there, through it all. You've seen my darkest moments. And [...]

Telling your story

By | April 29th, 2017|Living Creatively, Off the Bench|

One of the things that I love most about what I do, is that I get to tell stories. I get to tell stories with words that are sometimes hard to find. Sometimes the words in my chest are too big to write down. They're sometimes too big to feel, too. And when those happen, I let my hands tell [...]