• The Comet Catcher
    Introducing the lovingly handmade 'Comet Catcher' pendant.
  • Callisto Stud Earrings
    Introducing the Callisto stud earrings - the perfect celestial touch t...
  • Precious Little Comet
    Introducing perhaps our most popular, handmade ' Precious Little Comet...
  • Little Comet
    Introducing the iconic, lovingly and individually handmade Little Come...
  • Precious Little Moon
    Introducing the handmade 925 sterling silver and solid 9ct gold 'Preci...
  • Little Moon
    Introducing the 'Little Moon' handmade 925 sterling silver ring. *I...
  • Always & Forever
    A lovingly and individually handmade delicate 2mm hammered solid 9ct G...
  • Molten
    Introducing 'Molten'; a striking solid silver nugget atop a sterling s...
  • Infinite Hope
    Introducing the lovingly handmade 'Infinite Hope' pendant. A delica...
  • Precious Little Comet Luxe
    Introducing the ‘Precious Little Comet’ Luxe ring, lovingly and in...
  • Callisto
    Introducing the individually and lovingly hand-crafted Callisto ring.
  • Infinite Hope Earrings
    When Caitie met Soda is proud to introduce the Infinite Hope earrings....
  • The Journey of You
    Introducing the Journey of You, a beautifully delicate 925 sterling ...
  • The Little Comet Pendant
    When Caitie met Soda is thrilled to introduce the Little Comet pendant...
  • Triple Comet
    Introducing the lovingly and individually handmade 'Triple Comet' ring...
  • A Little Universe
    Introducing 'A Little Universe'; a lovingly and individually handcraft...
  • Little Comet Stacker
    When Caitie met Soda is proud to introduce the Little Comet 'Stacker' ...