Moon Dust Earrings


There are times in life when it is almost impossible not to feel alone in the universe. We feel the biggest of feelings and we are almost certain that we are the only people ever to have felt them and to have felt them so deeply.

But the truth is, we are, every single one of us, not only in this universe, but an intrinsic part of it, too. And that means that the world in it’s present form could surely not exist without the magic that is inside you.

The Like the Moon collection was designed and made by Caitie in her studio in Farnham. Each piece is totally one-of-a-kind and will never be made again; just like you. Each piece in the collection was created with the intention of reminding you of your magic and your role in making this universe what it is. If ever you feel alone, you need only to look at your piece from the Like the Moon collection to remember that you are not only part of this universe but that it is what it is, because of you.

These earrings were lovingly handcrafted using solid 9ct gold and sterling silver; oxidised to create a beautiful contrast against the gold. Two ethically sourced salt and pepper diamonds measuring approximately 3mm are set on the surface of each golden ‘moon’; chosen for their unique colour and sparkle and representing the ‘dust’ in their name; Moon Dust. Each golden disc measures approximately 7mm.

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Each When Caitie Met Soda order comes packaged in 100% recycled / recyclable / reusable packaging. It is my hope that you will reuse the postage box to send something to a friend or family member or that you will recycle it responsibly. The organic cotton pouch is perfect to pop dried lavender in to scent your drawers, or to use to keep your jewellery safe when travelling. Please note I do not recommend storing your jewellery in this pouch for long periods of time as it may result in tarnishing (this is a natural by-product of storing rather than wearing your jewellery.) The gold and silver that I use are responsibly sourced from a company that adheres to ethical and eco-friendly practices; one in which working conditions are safe and labor standards are respected.

Please note that for hygiene reasons, earrings are non-refundable.


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