Tiny Mighty Oaks Earrings


When Caitie met Soda is proud to introduce the ‘Tiny Mighty Oaks’ Collection; a limited collection of handcrafted jewellery featuring the oak leaf as a powerful reminder that ‘mighty oaks from little acorns grow’ – Unknown

The collection is inspired by the notion that the grandest of adventures begin with the smallest, seemingly innocuous of steps. Isn’t it funny how often we don’t even realise just how grand our humble beginnings will become?

When Caitie met Soda was started as a ‘hobby’ and quickly turned from hobby to lifeline. Crafting jewellery has become the thing that I can do when I’m able to do little else and is the thing that just makes sense to me. And so, the tiny acorns that was a kitchen table grew into a jewellers bench and I, alongside it. This little business is a bright light in a world that often feels foreign and scary. Through the darkest phases in my life, I have come to find my home, among the chaos and shavings of metal, polishing compounds and precious stones. I have found my home inside myself and I have learnt to trust the uncertainty of new beginnings; for we never know where they may take us in the end.

This collection hopes to remind the wearer that the creation of a thousand forests is in one tiny acorn. And that tiny acorn is you, friend. And inside you, is absolute magic.

These earrings are lovingly handcrafted with attention to detail and finest of materials, including Sterling Silver and solid 9ct Rose Gold (granules). The earrings measure approximately 8mm in length making them the perfect everyday piece and powerful reminder of your magic.

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Each When Caitie met Soda order comes packaged in 100% recycled / recyclable / reusable packaging. It is my hope that you will reuse the postage box to send something to a friend or family member or that you will recycle it responsibly. The organic cotton pouch is perfect to pop dried lavender in to scent your drawers, or to use to keep your jewellery safe when travelling. Please note I do not recommend storing your jewellery in this pouch for long periods of time as it may result in tarnishing (this is a natural by-product of storing rather than wearing your jewellery.) The gold and silver that I use are responsibly sourced from a company that adheres to ethical and eco-friendly practices; one in which working conditions are safe and labor standards are respected.

Please note that for hygiene reasons, earrings are non-refundable.


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