‘Falling in love with you is the second best thing in the world. Finding you was the first’ – Unknown

My dearest Soda,

I can’t quite believe that it’s your birthday! How quickly a year has come and gone. It seems unbelievable that this time last year we had just found out that our family would be growing.

You’re six today, my little boy. And that marks the fifth year that we’ve been lucky enough to have you as a part (the biggest part) of our family. Bringing you home was the best decision that we could ever have made. You made our house a home (and have continued to, every time we’ve moved) and made us a family. You are the heartbeat of our house.

The last year has been a momentous one, hasn’t it? Particularly for a medium-sized dog like you (sorry Sodes, but you’re just not as big as you might like to think…) I think you were the first in our family to know I was pregnant, and from that moment your job as protector of our family was established. You took care of me throughout my entire pregnancy. Walking with me when my emotions were running high, sitting with me when I got big and out of breath, and lying with me in bed when that was all I could do. Oh, and, of course, providing much needed comfort to your dad when I was being (I’ll deny this if ever asked) a tad… unreasonable. 

It’s funny, I never imagined that I could love you more. But, since bringing Maddie home, I do. I love you more than I ever imagined I could love anyone or anything. Seeing you with the smallest member of our family; how gentle you are; how excited to walk proudly next to her buggy… The way you do a headcount as soon as we get home, and, if Maddie isn’t with us, give us a puzzled look until we tell you she’ll be home soon. The way your eyes say ‘fix it, fix it, FIX IT’ when Maddie cries. Little boy, you are without doubt the most beautiful creature that we have the privilege to know.

My dearest Soda, you occupy so much of my heart. Although we can’t communicate with one another in words, I know that you see right into my soul. I love you, Soda-Pop. I’m so proud to be your mama, and so proud to walk beside you. Thank you for being the constant, unfalteringly boisterous and joyous presence that you are. Thank you for being unable to sit at the front door for excitement to greet whoever it is knocking. Thank you for making me feel like the most special human in the entire world every single time I come through the front door. And thank you for bearing with your dad and I while we learn how to be parents to the littlest (dictator) member of our family. We love you infinitely.

Happy birthday, Soda. Here’s the boy who started it all. Here’s to When Caitie met Soda.

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Until next time, friends,

Caitie, and, of course, Soda (and Little Maddie too!)