One of the things that I love most about what I do, is that I get to tell stories. I get to tell stories with words that are sometimes hard to find.

Sometimes the words in my chest are too big to write down. They’re sometimes too big to feel, too. And when those happen, I let my hands tell the story that my heart needs to tell.

Today, the words became these earrings. And then, then, the words came out.

My body isn’t a showroom, it’s lived in.
It’s served me well, as a matter of fact.
And the scars that you see, are but broken dreams,
That only I have lived through,
And I cherish that fact.

For years I thought smaller,
Until my thoughts were so small
I’m not even sure if they were anymore.
And the smaller I got, the more I forgot
That I’m here and I’m allowed to be seen.

So now, I think bigger
So big sometimes my mind can’t keep up
But for the first time I’m okay with that fact.
Because the scars that I see, are just part of me
And I’m more, not less, beautiful for having survived those storms.

So to those who join me on my journey,
I ask you to see all of me.
Not just the best, and not just the worst,
But all of the parts that make me me.
And if those scare you, that’s okay
They used to scare me, too.
But know that I’m proud, of all that I’ve finally allowed, myself to be.

I hope that these Little Comet earrings can become a part of someones story. A little piece of their narrative. A little bit of bravery when they feel scared, or alone.

Because, it’s not just jewellery. It’s a piece of my heart, and a piece of yours, too.

With all of our love,

Caitie, and, of course, Soda xxx