Last week, I became cool. For the first time in my life. ‘Did you?!’ I hear you ask. Why, yes, yes, I did. It was a funny thing, because I’d always imagined that someone else would have had to verify my ‘coolness’ in order to make it so, but, instead of being someone, it was something.

The Shoes.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but, we’re among friends here and I feel I can be honest. My name is Caitie and I’ve lusted over Dr. Martens for as long as I can remember. I’ve never owned any (until NOW) because I didn’t think I was ‘cool’ enough to wear them. And yes, I am aware of how ridiculous that sounds.

So, last week, I did it. I bought the shoes. THE SHOES. And, although I’ve some way to go in terms of being a fashion icon, they make me feel so damn cool.

After over an hour of deliberation in the Dr. Martens store in Old Spitalfields Market, I went for the Pascal in Cherry Red Virginia and OH MY GOODNESS, aren’t they pretty? They go with pretty much everything I own – not going to lie, even if they didn’t I’d wear them with everything anyway – because they are that great. Megs, you were right, I am in fact a size 5, and yes, they are the ones.

It occurred to me afterwards that the way I felt about THE SHOES was probably less to do with the shoes themselves and more to do with what they symbolised to me. Because buying and wearing these babies makes me feel like the bravest, coolest person ever. That’s what makes Dr. Martens so special as a brand, I think. In their own words, they carry with them ‘A history of rebellious self-expression’. And, that couldn’t be more true of how they make me feel. It’s like every time I put them on, they remind me that I’ve got this.

I realise that this post seems slightly different to my usual posts, but in many ways it isn’t. I believe, with every fibre of my being, that we are, every one of us, creative souls. And a huge part of how we express ourselves creatively in day-to-day life is through the clothes that we wear, the way we do our hair, the jewellery that we choose. These are material manifestations of our inherent desire to be creative and express ourselves. I am constantly amazed by the ability for something, like THE SHOES, to make us feel that little bit braver, that little bit cooler, when we wear them. The items themselves are only as meaningful as we make them, but, when we tell their story, my goodness it’s beautiful. It’s one of the reasons I love doing what I do as much as I do. Not only do I get to tell my story through the jewellery that I design,  but I am lucky enough to hear your stories, too. To know that each piece of When Caitie met Soda jewellery becomes a tiny part of someone else’s story is just about the most magical thing I can imagine. And, if any of you feel about them as I feel about THE SHOES, well, I’ll be the happiest girl alive.

With all of our love, always,

Caitie, and, of course, Soda x