You’ve always compared yourself to other people, haven’t you? I mean, you’re the first person to tell others that ‘comparison is the thief of joy’; but, you don’t follow that advice, do you? You look around you, at the people that you think are prettier, thinner, successful, in love, happy. But you don’t look at yourself; not really anyway. Because you’re afraid of the person looking back at you. Why does everyone else seem to get it; everyone except you? Life has layered problem upon problem on you; and the weight of carrying it all is sometimes too much. Why can’t you be just like them? Or, just like anyone; anyone but you.

But friend, do you want to know something amazing? You are uniquely you. Uniquely flawed, and one-of-a-kind. And that’s pretty amazing, don’t you think? Your problems don’t define you, any more than they define any of those people that you admire so very much. The difference is, you have one set of rules for yourself, and one for everyone else. But, little star, you shine so very brightly, just as you are.

And like this ring, you are reticulated. You’ve gone through some things; things you never imagined you’d survive. But, those things, well, they’ve made you even more beautiful. You’ve been so busy paying attention to all of the ways in which you think you failed to notice. But I see them. I see the ridges; the ripples, the valleys, the veins. The chinks in your armour that you try so hard to hide. And they’re beautiful.

There is no one else who could be more you, than you. And, by any measure, that makes you pretty damn amazing, wouldn’t you say?

Lovingly and individually handmade from Sterling Silver, which has been reticulated to produce it’s entirely unique and one-of-a-kind texture, this ring was designed and created to symbolise you. The ripples and veins produced by the process of reticulation can never be replicated twice, making it almost like your fingerprint, in a way. The Sterling Silver band is hammered, giving her a unique sparkle, and measures approximately 2mm. She’s beautiful and imperfectly perfect, isn’t she? Just like you. And although you may not always know it, this ring was lovingly handmade with the hope of reminding you, on those difficult days, that all you ever need to be, is you. And that you are enough.

The You are Enough ring enters the When Caitie met Soda collection as a limited edition piece, and only 50 pieces will be made. To get yours, just click here.

With all of our love, always,

Caitie, and, of course, Soda xxx